Mission Statement

Expansion Games wants to deliver historically realistic conflict simulations. These conflict simulations are called, in game theory language: "n-player zero-sum games with imperfect information". In every-day English this means that Expansion Games wants to produce and test situations in which any number of players have conflicting goals and do not know each other's moves.


The purpose of delivering these simulations is to use them for educational purpose and for trying to determine the causes and processes behind various historical conflicts. Answers should be provided to questions such as What if the Allies in Munich, 1938, did not grant Hitler the Sudetenland? or How could the First World War be avoided? Could it be avoided? Or was it inevitable?

Intended for whom?

The simulations of Expansion Games are intended to be used by anyone very interested in a certain time period, such as students of (military) history, students of political science, military analists, wargame grognards, or anyone wanting to know more about strategy, negotiation and conflicts.

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