The encyclopedia explains in depth some of the various concepts in the game.

Military Affairs

This chapter contains a glossary of words used in the game as well as short explanations about the conduct of military affairs in the game. Some of the topics touched upon are experience, morale and stamina, and their influence on the outcome of battles.


In this section you will find information about various military or economic treaties, but also some advice on how to conduct diplomacy (and how not to). Next to that, all the major and medium powers in the game are described here.

Domestic Politics

Domestic politics is all about the 'art of persuading the masses' (as Napoleon called it). In this section, therefore, you will find more information about the central goal of the game: increasing your popularity among your own Virtual Political Group (VPG) and among the total population. Don't know what a VPG is? You can find a description here as well as everything you always wanted to know about ruling a nation.

Production and Equipment

Topics discussed in this chapter include various types of equipment, such as tanks, aircraft and ships. You will also find more information on how to produce these military items and what to look for in making your decisions in planning production.


Technology has become an essential ingredient in warfare as well as in business competition in the twentieth century. Read this section for more information on how to employ your nation's scientists so they can provide your military personnel with the best weapons which money, time and ingenuity can buy.


It may be said that economics and politics are part of a symbiotic relationship: both are dependent upon each other. Policy options are dependent upon economic means and the state of the economy can be manipulated through policy decisions. What do you need to know about economics in order to conduct your policies well? How can you influence the size of the GNP? What's GNP anyway? Find out here.

Suggested Reading

To better understand the processes that are behind Exp:WW2, a certain number of books are recommended in the Suggested Reading section. Some books contain a wealth of information, others are more abstract, some you may find interesting, others may seem unuseful. But if you'd like to know more about World War II, politics, military affairs, economics, and technology, this is the section you'd want to read.

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