Combat Calculator


"Equations are more important to me, because politics is for the present, but an equation is something for eternity"

(Albert Einstein)


The Combat Calculator is a computer program that only the GM can use. It calculates the results of a combat situation between pairs of units (dyads), even though a battle may take place between several units at the same time (multi-unit battles).


The Combat Calculator looks at all the elements mentioned in this subsection and weighs these according the settings of the game. Each element is also weighed itself using a randomizer. After all comparisons and calculations have been made, the outcome of battle is then stored (and later sent to players). All the elements of the military units taking part in combat will then be adjusted according to specific rules. If applicable, certain political elements, such as public opinion and civillian morale, are adjusted also.


The Combat Calculator is only available to the GM (using MainProg).





This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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