The Element of Chance


"War is dominated by uncertainty; three quarters of the elements upon which actions in war are based, are shrouded in uncertainty (...) War is dominated by chance. (...) It increases the uncertainty of all circumstances and disrupts the course of events"

(Carl von Clausewitz, On War)


Uncertainty is always present in life and even in games. Although, as you've seen, ExpWW2 uses an elaborate model to calculate the outcome of battles, no outcome is known beforehand. Each element merely adds a weight to the total and each element is itself being weighed by a random number, created by MainProg's randomizer. It will not be made public just how much influence this randomizer has, but rest assured that although highly unlikely outcomes of battles will not be given, occasionally the outcome might indeed be unexpected. Victory is never secure so take appropriate measures to be able to counter any unexpected outcomes of battle. Don't forget your reserves, for example.





This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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