Definition: Physical Energy

Stamina is defined as the physical energy of the human body. It is a reservoir of strength, whose capacity can be increased through excersize, and which will be emptied when working.

The effects upon combat

As the stamina level of your troops decreases, through a lack of sleep, a hightened state of alertness, or through constant fighting, your soldiers will not be able to function properly. The lower the stamina of your men, the higher the chance of them faltering in battle.

Restoring Stamina

Make sure your troops are well rested, so every now and then you should have them go on R&R. Do not maintain a full alert level for a long period of time. Rather then constantly fighting the enemy, have your forces replaced every week or two by another unit. Lastly, do not bring your armies into such a desperate position that your men are forced to fight day and night.





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