"God is on the side of the strongest battalions"

(Napoleon Bonaparte)


The sheer weight of numbers should create victory on the battle field by itself, all other elements being equal. In practice it's precisely those other elements which are worthy of study, though numbers should never be discared. It remains a fact that when you seek a victorious offensive, your forces should outnumber the enemy three to one.


As numbers aren't everything, it's wise to examine the quality of the equipment. Each military equipment knows hitpoints: the attack factor of the main weapon. If the hitpoints of one equipment is twice that of another equipment, the first equipment is twice as powerful as the second.

Damage Points

About damage points we can say the same thing, although this counts for the defense factor of equipment. Damage points represent the armour of tanks and ships. If the damage points of an equipment is high, its ability to resist enemy fire is increased.


Then what, you may ask, is strength? Strength is nothing more (or less) than the cumulative total of the number of equipment times the hit and damage points.

Offensive Strength = Numbers x Hit Points
Defensive Strength = Numbers x Damage Points





This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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