Military Affairs


"An army marches on its stomach"

(Napoleon Bonaparte)


A country's military forces are usually divided into ground, naval and air forces. Most countries know three organizations that make up the armed forces: the army, the navy, and the air force, although in 1937 the United States and Japan, for example, did not have a separate air force. In Expansion: World War II, however, we will assume each country has an army, a navy, and an air force. Each of these organizations can be further divided into armies, fleets, and (air) groups, each of which is led by a commander. These are the tools with which to wage military campaigns.

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The Navy: Fleets

The Air Force: Groups



If an army marches on its stomach, supply it with food. And while you're at it, don't forget about fuel, ammunition and spare parts. Read more about the various factors involving the supply of your armed forces in this subsection.


If your forces are supplied you can order them around and they might even follow your orders. Read more about movement in this subsection and understand how your forces will move.


A well-supplied force that has moved into the right position might find itself in combat once in a while. All the elements of combat are described in this subsection.

Military Units

Find out the difference between a panzer and a panzergrenadier division or between a British, a German, and a Soviet infantry division. The Units subsection lists all units currently in the database.

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Military Affairs



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