Production is defined in Exp:WW2 as the process of creating means for various ends. You may think about the production of raw materials, such as oil, food or iron ore. But think also about the production of fuel, steel, ships, tanks, and even complete military units.

Forming Units

The ultimate goal of the production process in Exp:WW2 is the forming of military units capable of winning wars.

Designing Unit Classes

It's possible for you to design your own Unit Classes in Exp:WW2. You may do this by using pre-defined Unit Elements. These come in two flavors: combat and support elements. Combat elements can take direct hits during combat, while support elements increase the combat effectiveness of a unit.
When designing a unit class, you simply add combat and support elements to the new unit class. All the firepower and other attributes will then be added up and this will constitute the total combat effectiveness of the new unit class. You will also be informed of the cost of your design, in terms of personnel and weaponry. So, adding more Headquarters (HQ elements) to your unit class, will give you an organizational advantage, but will also mean an increased demand for (expensive) officers.
Each Unit Class may be given a supply priority. This makes it possible for you to give priority to your elite units, such as the British commandos, or the German Waffen-SS. In practice it means these units are the first to be supplied and the first to receive new equipment. Low priority could best be given to local defense volunteers, such as the British Home Guard, the German Volkssturm, the American National Guard, or the Soviet Militia.

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