What's Expansion?


"Simulation is the process of designing a model of a real system, and conducting experiments with this model for the purpose either of understanding the behaviour of the system or of evaluating various strategies (within the limits imposed by a criterion or set of criteria) for the operation of the system"

(R.E. Shannon, Systems Simulation)


Expansion is an internet-based multiplayer simulation-game about military, political, and economic affairs in a certain period of history or future.


Expansion utilizes the internet to bring players into contact with each other and to communicate between Player Programs (clients) and the Main Program (server).


No artificial intelligence (AI) can replace human intellect and creativity. Only a multiplayer game will ensure you with competent opponents, while creating a good AI usually requires much programming and testing. However, Expansion is not devoid of AI.


Expansion is both realistic and detailed. In fact, it is hard to imagine a strategy game that is more detailed than Expansion and even if another game would incorporate details about military, political or economic affairs that Expansion lacks, our goal would be to incorporate these details into Expansion as well, provided they are useful and realistic.


Expansion is not just a simulation, but also a game. Playability must be ensured, so if a player doesn't want to certain levels of detail, (s)he can leave those levels on an 'automatic pilot'.


There is quite a lot to do in an Expansion game. That is: if you want to. From commanding your forces to commanding the economy, from maneuvering your troops to maneuvering in politics, from producing military hardware to producing a treaty, it's all there.

Goals of Expansion

  1. To provide players with a game that is realistic and fun to play.
  2. To analyze a historical period in world history.
  3. To provide a learning method for the art of diplomacy.
  4. To provide a place to meet others interested in these subjects.

Game Organization


This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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