Requirements and Features


" Expansion: World War II is an internet-based multiplayer simulation-game about the military, political, and economic affairs before, during, and after World War II."


  • Operating System: Windows'98 or higher

  • Desktop Size: at least 640x480

  • Internet: the ability to access the Internet

  • E-mail: at least one valid e-mail adress

  • Time, money, and intelligent players

The Program

  • This is the most detailed grand strategy game available: players can influence technological progress, produce weapons they themselves created, create new types of military units, raise armies, influence the economy and politics, and are responsible for diplomacy.

  • Exp:WW2 used a client-server structure, and is not a web-based game. Each player uses a Windows program, called PlayProg. Only during the sending of orders you need to access the Internet, thus saving you money.

  • Exp:WW2 is a continuing expanding program, not static. It's present structure will enable this future expansion, without the need for large re-installs.

  • As a reference, a large and expanding website is maintained. A copy of this website, including the encyclopedia, will be available on the CDROM.

The map

  • Over 200,000 hexagons.

  • 3 Zoom levels.

  • The ability to show and combine various detailed features of the map, such as terrain types, a political map, borders, (rail)roads, rivers, and military units.

  • The map size can be increased to fill the size of your Windows desktop.

  • A mini map to show the world map with terrain or political date.


  • 8 Major and 5 medium powers to play.

  • Unlimited players per county.

  • "Pay per power", not per player. More players per country means sharing in the costs. The more the merrier.

  • "Pay per turn", not per month. Suspension of a game means suspension of payment. The risks are ours.

Game Organization


This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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