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How to Start as a Player?

It will be possible to simply download and install the Player Program (PlayProg), run it, fill in some questions and off you go! But not right now. There isn't anything to download unless beta testing commences, which is expected to take place in the late spring of 2005.

If you wish to receive information when PlayProg will be available, please fill in the Join Form. Please also give additional information by filling in the questionnaire. Thank you!

How does it all work?

  • This is a turn-based game. Contrary to the so-called real-time games, in Expansion it is important to know when the turns are being processed. Meaning: when your time to issue orders has run out. Players issue orders to the GM, who will use a program, MainProg, to calculate the results, and will send these results back to the players, who will then be able to issue new orders.

  • What's Expansion? The game series is called Expansion. What's the idea behind it? Does it suit your needs? Is it worth to spend your precious time on?

  • What's WhatIs? The Expansion games are part of a (private) research project, named WHATIS. What does this abbreviation stand for? Read it in this subsection.

History of Exp:WW2

Expansion:World War II emerged from several other multiplayer, internet-based games about World War II. Exp:WW2 is thus not unique in its choice of subject and two of the ways to build a game around that subject. What's unique about Exp:WW2 is that it uses a client-server application, an extensive database, and a rich detailed game model. Each 'parent' of Exp:WW2 triggered the implementation of one or more of these elements. Take a look at them on the history page.

Artificial Intelligence or Multiplayer Creativity?

Does the game use Artificial Intelligence (AI)? And if so, how does it work? Why is Expansion basically a multiplayer game?

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This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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