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Here's a quick summary of the contents of this page: The planned price of the game is $60. This includes the annual subscription of $45. The use of the program and playing in games is free of charge at the moment, because the program is still in the alpha- and beta-testing phases. See for details below.


Exp:WW2 must be played using at least two programs: a Player Program (PlayProg) and the Main Program (MainProg). The first is used by each player of a game and the latter is only used by the GM. Each player can input orders in his or her PlayProg and send these to MainProg. MainProg, in turn, will compile all orders, calculate its consequences and send the results back to the players. Exp:WW2 is therefore a Play-By-EMail (PBEM) game.

The player program is worth $15 (US dollars). You will receive a CDROM for that with the player program, the installation instructions, the rulebook and encyclopedia. The main program is the core of the game where the actual game engine recides. It calculates the results of orders given by players, such as movement, combat, production, research, etcetera. This game engine will be constantly be expanded with new features. To help in the cost of this development and in the cost of hosting games, an annual fee of $45 is needed. So the total cost of playing the game is $5 per month.

What you WON'T get

I view it as my duty to tell you what you will not get whenever you have to pay for Expansion. You will not get a fancy jewel case around the CDROM, with a full-coloured booklet inside. Neither will you get a paper manual (the manual will be a series of webpages). Nor will you get a registration card, or a poster, or a catalogue. You will only get the CDROM (or download the game), plus a short instruction paper on how to install the game. And it will not even be wrapped in an over-sized box which shows you screen shots of an introduction movie. If you become one of my customers, you will not get the ability to call a toll free phone number or use any other service whereby I should return your money as soon as you show any sign of unsatisfaction with the product or the person you're calling with. Neither will you get a 'free' subscription to a magazine you never ordered and which will not be published at regular intervals. You will certainly not see fancy advertisements to give you a feeling that you've made the right choice in becoming an Expansion Games customer.

Why don't you get all that? Two reasons: 1) I'm Dutch, and that means I'm culturally frozen into a struggle to find the best things around but to pay as few as possible for it. 2) Having been a customer with a few of the larger computer companies, I've found that I received a lot which I didn't want, or did'nt need, but somewhere I still had to pay for it (even if they called it 'free'). Now, where did those fancy boxes end up eventually? In the same place as junk mail. And what good was having a service phone number? Not much, since usually the only two answers to give me were Get the latest patch or Wait for the next version.

What you WILL get

And what's in return? In return for what you don't get, you'll receive a discount and a chance to have a voice in upgrading the game engine. Yes, that's right, I hope that you consider Expansion not to be an expensive product, but an expansive one. The best service I can offer you is an evolving program and game model, using your own input. Mail me and find out.

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This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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