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Please fill in this questionnaire in order to give us a better idea which 'types' of people are applying for a job in the games of Expansion: World War II. The answers you give will not be made public. You will only have to fill out this form once, not every time a new game starts. None of the answers you give can be wrong; there are no right or wrong answers! The reason for this questionnaire is to be able to create a more balanced game world where different kinds of people perform different kinds of roles. These questions need not have to take more than 15 minutes; follow your first thoughts.


1. Suppose you were the head of government of a nation-state and you had a budget of $100 (billion) available to you. How would you spend this money if you had to choose between the following three moral values? Please divide the government budget. For example: $40 to freedom of speech, $30 law & order, $30 equality. Only type in the numbers, please, not the $ sign.

Protecting freedom (of speech, movement, the right to live where you want, right to demonstrate, etc.)

Maintaining law & order (preventing riots and crime, protecting the hiearchy in society, defense expenditure, etc.)

Stimulating equality (subsidies to minorities and the poor, fighting unemployment, helping labor unions, etc.)
____ +
$100 (billion)


We all have to work with people in a team some day. Even a die-hard dictator in Exp:WW2 will have to rely on some allies some of the time. Teams are what the next questions are about.

Consider the following three statements (in questions 2-4). For each statement, pick the answers that apply to you by checking the box to the left of the statement. Pick at least 1 and no more than 3 statements per question..

2. If there is a reason I like to work in a team, it's because...
a) I love to analyse situations and to weigh alternatives.
b) I'm interested in finding practical solutions that work.
c) I love to create relationships while cooperating in a group.
d) I want to exert a strong influence on the decision-making process.
e) I could then meet all kinds of new and interesting people.
f) I love to bring people's minds together.
g) I feel at ease when I can fully attend to the job ahead.
h) I like to find areas of interest that stimulate my imagination.

3. Typical for my approach to working in a team is that...
a) I'm always prepared to support ideas that are in the group's common interest.
c) I'll make sure we don't loose time discussing, but get to point, and get active.
c) I usually find arguments to convince the others to ignore improper proposals.
d) I have the ability to execute practical plans.
e) I can always come up with unexpected and original plans.
f) I'll make sure we perfect every plan and don't forget important details.
g) I am constantly looking for new ideas and meeting new people to learn from.
h) I'm determine what needs to be done by building a consensus within the team.

4. How can I contribute to a team?
a) By discovering new possibilities and making use of them.
b) I can easily work with different types of people.
c) Introducing radical new ideas is one of my talents.
d) I can spot when someone has something valuable to add to the team.
e) By working out things in detail; I know when a job is truly finished.
f) I'm not afraid to become unpopular if it leads to results that are worth it.
g) I usually know which plans are realistic and practical.
h) By naming arguments that point to alternatives without loosing my objectivity.

5. Think about forming a team of players to run a country. Click on the "radio button" to the left of the preferred answer. Would you:
a) never want to play in a team (skip question 6)
b) would not mind playing in a team if given the chance
c) would love to play in a team if given the chance

6. Could you already name a few people with whom to form a team?
a) Yes
b) No


Look carefully at the following 6 statements (7-12). With each number think which of the two statements BEST describes you. Please click on the "radio button" to the left of the preferred statement. If you disagree with both statements you should pick the one you disagree least with.

I like to switch jobs many times during my life-time.
I like to clean up after I have done a job.

I like to organize other people's jobs.
I like it when friends support me when I'm in trouble.

I like an orderly schedule for each day.
I like to be seen as the leader of a group.

I like it when people are polite and offer to help.
I like to experience new things.

I like to plan ahead.
I like to ask people for advice.

I like to bring variation into my work.
I like to supervise others.

Countries to play

13. Of the following countries, please UNcheck the "check box" to the left a country which you would NOT like to play. If you don't mind or would love to play that country, leave the "check box" as it is. You do not commit yourself to anything at this time.



Thank you for filling in this questionnaire. Please press the submit button.

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