What's WhatIs?


W.H.A.T.I.S. stands for:

  • World

  • History

  • Analyzed

  • Through

  • Internet

  • Simulations

WhatIs is a series. It deals with historical periods of great importance or of interest to many. An attempt is made to analyse these periods using simulations which incorporate internet technology. Simulations are the only way for social scientists and historians to experiment with social systems since simulations are useful where conducting experiments is either technically impossible, uneconomical, or unethical.

Historical Periods

The following periods are, or could become, the subject of a WHATIS study.

  • World War II
  • Napeolonic Age
  • First Punic War
  • Fictional
  • 1648: Peace of Westphalia
  • 14 AD: Death of Augustus
  • Civ-clone: 6000 BC to 2200 AD
  • World War I

Game Organization


This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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