Future Games


This section has some information on possible future games that may one day appear. Some of these games are already in the planning stages. Some are merely thought provoking. Examples of the latter are Civilized Expansion, Galactic Expansion, and Roman Expansion.

Operation Barbarossa: The Invasion of the Soviet Union

Operation Yellow: The Invasion of France and the Low Lands

Trial Game (1): 1937-1947

This game will start the game date at July 1, 1937. Until that time the historical pattern has been followed. Situation: in the Soviet Union, Stalin has just started a purge of the Red Army. France and Britain have new PMs and Japanese Army officers are about to invade China.

Galactic Expansion

How will (human) colonization of our galaxy proceed? Galactic Expansion tries to answer this question using your genius. Priority: none.

Civilized Expansion

If you've never heard of Civilization you should wonder where you've been in the past eight years. Anyway, the computer game Civilization (by Microprose) and the board game Civilization (by Avalon Hill) both adopt the Anglo-Saxon concept of civilizations. Civilizations in the plural sense are super-cultures, as opposed to civilization in the singular sense, which is the opposite of barbarism. These games adopt the plural sense. Therefore Professor Samuel P. Huntington, author of The Clash of Civilizations, would love these games.

You start out with a single city and gradually expand your power across the earth, eventually competing with other cultures (civilizations) in a space race to reach the closest star to the Sun, Alpha Centauri. Sounds interesting? It is! And why should someone like me wish to create a clone if Civilization is so great? Because it has many flaws as well, and because so much could have been added. The game is quite simple when you think of it and I prefer realism to simplicity. More information to follow. Priority: low.

Napoleonic Expansion

With the help of Daniel Radakovich's superb historical knowledge about the Napoleonic era, it will be possible to construct a game about Napoleonic warfare. Priority: low.


Future Games


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