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This website offers information on the game Expansion: World War II. Since Expansion knows a level of detail unsurpassed by any other game, the information you will want to obtain can be very specific and detailed as well. However, you can simply scan the surface of this game by reading the top layer, the introductory pages. If you wish to read more about a certain subject, you can go deeper and deeper. If you wish to go back up to a previous (higher) menu you can simply do that by clicking the 'previous menu' link. The key to navigating is the yellow navigation box to the right.

The pages on this website are all similar. Each page is divided in three. The main section is where you're reading right now. The second part is the navigation box: the yellow box to the right of each page where you can surf to other subjects or go up to a previous menu. The third part is always at the bottom where you will see to whom this website is dedicated, the acknowledgements, and where you'll find a link to mail the author of the page.

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The yellow navigation box to the right is a standard which you will see throughout your surfing on this website. It provides several links by which you can reach different sections of the website. From top to bottom the navigation box can be divided into five parts:

  1. Clicking on the logo of Expansion: World War II will bring you back to the homepage.
  2. Below this logo an italicized link to the previous menu will bring you up one level.
  3. Below that you will see the name of the current (sub)menu. Click on this and you will be taken back to the current menu.
  4. The fourth part consists of multiple links to the other subjects in the present menu.
  5. The final part is located at the bottom of the navigation box and will bring you to the encyclopedia.

Site Map

SiteMap News Game Organization: here you can find all subjects related to the organizing of the game, such as an option to join the waiting list, or more information on when turns are being processed. Rules: this section contains a short summary of the set of rules that are used to make the game run honestly, realistically, and smoothly. Encyclopedia: if the rules leaves you with questions, it is suggested you go to the encyclopedia. This section gives you basically the same information as the rules section, but on a much more detailed scale.

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This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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