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Since January 13, 2005...

Several icons are used in the news:

  • Merely an Idea  An idea has been mentioned, but no work has been done. Or bad news.
  • Theoretically Worked Out  An item has been theoretically worked out. Or a page has been updated.
  • Implemented  Implementation: work has been done completely. Or a page has been added.

This Website

  • Updated  Updated the copyright notice on every webpage.

  • Updated  Updated the price list.

  • Updated  Removed a few spelling errors.

  • Implemented  Created a page where Expansion is compared to other grand strategy games.


  • Updated  Several bugs have been removed.

  • Implemented  Aerial flight is now being tested.

  • Implemented  Read the book Genius for War by Colonel Dupuy about the German General Staff.

Future Changes?

  • Merely an Idea  I should speed up the event (turn) processing even more.

  • Theoretically Worked Out  Creating a simple version of Expansion, which will have the working title of World Affairs Revived. I can borrow from the earlier World Affairs and insert new themes and details from the research done on Expansion:World War II.

  • Theoretically Worked Out  I'm going to expand the user manual / rulebook, which is an explanation on how to install the software, a tutorial, and a simplified version of the encyclopedia.

  • Merely an Idea  More scenarios, for example: Operation Yellow (invasion of the West), Operation Barbarossa (invasion of 'Russia'), and East Wind, Rain (the attack upon Pearl Harbor). And of course the ultimate scenario: 1937-1947.

  • Merely an Idea  Must change the tactics page because of the enhancement.

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