Player Program


The player program (PlayProg) is the client program in the client/server architecture of Expansion:World War II.


Exp:WW2 is made up of two types of programs communicating with each other. The largest is called the Main Program (MainProg) and is located on the Game-Master's computer. It receives orders from players, processes the events that are generated by these orders and transfers results back to the players. The players each use a copy of the Player Program (PlayProg). With this program they can receive results from MainProg, create military, political or economic orders, and send these to the Game-Master. Communication is done through the internet, so when sending information, you need to have an open internet connection.

Installing the Player Program

PlayProg needs to be downloaded and then installed. If you're unfamiliar with standard InstallShield® wizards, you may find this chapter interesting.

Getting Started

In this subsection a screen shot of PlayProg will provide you with some information on the various sections in the program: the map, the information section and the menu.

Giving Orders

Giving orders can be simple if you like. But if you want to have more sophisticated strategy than giving tactical commands like attack or defend, you need to know about the other orders you can give an army.

The Menu

The menu needs to be explained in detail for those who like to have some sort of reference manual. Although I dislike descriptions of a program that is a mere summary of alle the commands in the menu, I'm forced to do just that in this subsection.

Tutorial: Operation White

Operation White, the German invasion of Poland, is present after you've installed PlayProg. The tutorial will guide you through some of the turns of this game.

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Player Program



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