Installing the Player Program


Three Actions to Take

In order to enjoy the Player Program, you need to take three actions:

  1. Download the zipped file
  2. Unzip the downloaded file
  3. Execute / start the Setup.exe file
If you are familiar with this procedure, please go to the download page. If you're not familiar with downloading, unzipping, and the setup program, please read this page, or print it for you convenience.

1. Downloading the file

Downloading the program is a simple process. Right-click on the link below and choose, from the 'popup-menu', the option Save Link As or Save Target As. A small window is created, asking you for a place to put the file. Navigate (see your Windows' documentation) to any location you are able to find again. For example My Documents. After selecting the location and clicking the OK button, it's time to relax: wait until the download is completed before moving to step 2. In the meantime, please read the rest of the manual.

2. Unzipping the file

Unzipping the file you've just downloaded is a little tricky if you have a version of Windows before XP. If you have XP or Vista, you simply click on the downloaded program with the right mouse button en choose 'Extract'. Then continue to step 3.

If you don't have XP or Vista, you need to have a Zip program (which can unzip). Most people have this in the form of WinZip, free for non-commercial use. I prefer ARJfolder, which is not a separate program, but simply adds functionality to Windows Explorer. If you don't have a Zip program, please follow one of the links I just mentioned and download and install the program.

Having successfully installed a Zip program, please follow the instructions of that program to extract everything from the downloaded ExpWW2 file. Extract it to any location you are able to find using the Explorer.

3. Starting Setup

Starting Setup.exe (double-click on it) will show you the well-known InstallShield® look-and-feel. Simply follow the instructions by clicking on the Next buttons. After the installation, you will find a folder called 'PlayProg' in your Start Menu, Program Files section.

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