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File The File Menu is a standard Windows File menu, containing the following items:

  • New - Creates a new game. This function is only available to the GM.
  • Open - Opens a game and presents a directory listing. You need to choose the correct directory and press the OK button. A Progress Bar will then appear, showing the percentage of data being imported.
  • Save - Saves the current status of the game. This is unnecessary as game data is constantly being saved to hard disk.
  • Print Setup - Opens the standard Windows print setup screen.
  • Print - Prints the currently selected data to the printer, the map for example. Warning! May take up a lot of memory.
  • Quit - Quits the program.


Edit The Edit menu can be divided into four sections:

  • Standard Windows Edit Functions - Such as Cut, Copy and Paste. These are intended to place text into the clipboard or paste text from the clipboard.
  • Map - Editing the map is not yet available in the Player Program and will be reserved for the GM.
  • Military - You may edit your own military units, armies, or commanders with these menu-items.
  • Political and Economic - You may edit your own cities, areas (provinces) or nation with these menu-options.


Search Using the Search menu, it is possible to search cities or units. This is useful when you haven't got a clue where a particular city or unit is located when it is mentioned in the news or messages.


View The View Menu can be subdivided into two sections. The first six menu-items are for showing more information on the map, while the last four items are for zooming the map. To start with the latter: clicking on the World View will produce a world map, which is essentially no zooming at all. The other options are:

  • Zoom 8x8 - Means that the map will be zoomed by a factor of 8
  • Zoom 16x16 - Means that the map will be zoomed by a factor of 16
  • Zoom 24x24 - Means that the map will be zoomed by a factor of 24

The first menu-items can be turned on or off. In the example, the items Terrain and Units and Cities are both turned on. Each item represents one layer of information on the map:

  • Terrain - Shows mountains, forests, water, and all other terrain types.
  • Nations - This could mean one of two things: if the View Terrain option is also active it will merely show the borders of countries and empires. If the View Terrain option is off, it will paint the hexes in the color of their owner: Dark Grey for Germany, Blue for France, Red for the USSR, etcetera.
  • Rivers - Reveals the major rivers.
  • Roads - Draws (rail)roads on the map.
  • Units and Cities - Reveals the military units and the cities.
  • Grid - Shows the hexes and places a grid on top of the map.


Insert The Insert Menu is intended to be use for building games and is currently unavailable.


Options The Options submenu not only gives you the opportunity to set several options such as your country's budget, but also contains the less illustrious Restore Scrollbar feature. This was necessary due to a bug in either Delphi 4.2 or Windows'98a. It will restore the Y-scrollbar to its proper place: right of the map.


Help This is the standard Windows Help submenu. Click contents and you will be presented with the contents page of the PlayProg Help file. Index will bring you to the same Help file, but will show you the index. The About option will present you with information about PlayProg, including its version number.

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This historical conflict simulation is dedicated to Chanel Stevens

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